Let prospective dates know what you’re reading, studying, or listening to, and use that as a conversation-starter with others. If you’ve read something new and you’d love a chance to talk about it with someone, pop that information into your helpful site profile! Highly intelligent men make great partners, but you must have put the above list into consideration before dating a guy like this. I hope you enjoyed this article, if yes, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.

Be Open to Long Distance Relationships

For many people, it takes time to get used to dating someone intelligent in a niche area. Nerdy women tend to be very smart and have an area of knowledge in which they know more than most people. Thus, if you enjoy reading comics, a natural place to start would be in a comic store. That way, you can spend time in a particular location and chat with people that come in. Where you find a nerd depends a lot on what your interests are as well. You don’t want to try meeting a nerdy person for the sake of meeting a nerdy person; you need to be more specific.


Still, if you’re proud that you attended a prestigious university, it’s a great thing to share with potential suitors. In the “Ask a Therapist” series, I’ll be answering your questions about all things mental health and psychology. Whether you are struggling with a mental health condition, coping with anxiety about a life situation, or simply looking for a therapist’s insight, submit a question.

In this article, we’ll share some tips on how to do just that. Wayne State University has suspended a professor over a social media post where they allegedly said people should kill those they disagree with. People who ace standard cognitive tests are in fact slightly more likely to have a “bias blind spot”. That is, they are less able to see their own flaws, even when though they are quite capable of criticising the foibles of others.

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A Dating Expert Highlights Two Big Benefits Of Finding Your Intellectual Match

Intellectual men do not mingle with everyone they come across at a dinner party. They take their time to handpick their friends and social circles. This might come off as snobbish, but they do not see the need to be around people who do not add value to their lives. Women that love company and spending quality time with their partners won’t cope with such a guy, they need one that is as they are. That way, there will be a fair balance of emotions rather than a situation where you feel emotionally deprived because of your partner’s unavailability. One thing you should know is that people that are really smart have probably always prioritized academic success and achievements over relationships of any kind – romantic and platonic.

You can also get creative with your sapiosexual partner by writing a short story together. This takes a lot of brain power and the two of you can collaborate on it. Yes, they’re just as eloquent as the Plato guys and yes, they wear the same-colored shirt most of the time like The Mark Zuckerberg’s.

A cup of coffee, perusing the bookstore, or sitting on a park bench discussing the meaning of life is a much better way to know if they are the one you want to put any more time or effort into getting to know. Just type your one-line question into the search box below to see my answer. So, from now on, you’re going to discover the virtues of smart, kind, thoughtful, generous, easygoing, commitment-oriented men. And when two people who are that smart, that opinionated, and that strong-willed get together, it should obvious that sparks will fly — and tensions will mount. And yet you still say you want a man who is smarter than you are.

Sapiosexual: What It Means, 41 Signs & Ways to Attract Them with Intelligence

He would feel very alone simply because he has a hard time looking for people who would actually bother to listen to what he has to say. A fulfilling relationship depends on several factors of which a partner’s professional success is one of the most important. Financial stability in a relationship not only means being able to afford the comforts of life but also having the luxury of building hopes for the future. At the same time dating a person who is more successful than you can have its challenges.

We ensure that every presented review is fair and reliable, which gets based on our professional opinion, personal preference, and feedback from real people from all around the world. We focus on delivering information to make it easier for our clients to choose the best service in terms of online dating. You can find intelligent partners for committed relationships to casual and one night stands. Intellectual adult dating is perfect for educated singles looking for some fun time. A desire to meet someone that level with your intelligence is not racist, rather smart. If two people with different personalities or sexual interests can form a healthy relationship, people with varying levels of intelligence build a successful relationship.

He points out that we often find it easier to leave our biases behind when we consider other people, rather than ourselves. Hopefully, more research will suggest many similar tricks. Indeed, Stanovich sees these biases in every strata of society. “There is plenty of dysrationalia – people doing irrational things despite more than adequate intelligence – in our world today,” he says. As you might expect, many of the Termites did achieve wealth and fame – most notably Jess Oppenheimer, the writer of the classic 1950s sitcom I Love Lucy. Indeed, by the time his series aired on CBS, the Termites’ average salary was twice that of the average white-collar job.

Instead, they might want non-fiction such as history or something that helps them learn something new. She’s better than the Golden Girl because she doesn’t need to be in an isolated community in order to shine brightly. But when you get to know her better, you’ll see that she is indeed smarter than you and can actually do so much better. This girl is the prettiest, nicest, most levelheaded girl you will ever see.

If you don’t find this trait endearing, it’s time to leave because you can’t change this guy. This can still happen even if you’re pretty intelligent yourself, and it’s even worse if you never really thought of yourself as an intellectual in the first place. For many of us, intelligence is a thing we’d like to see in our partners—some even identify as sapiosexual. Learning a new skill also engages their brain and keeps them from being bored. So, choose something you both are interested in and would have fun doing.

For example, they may primarily try to match with partners who are at least equal with themselves on physical attractiveness and sociability, before considering general intelligence. Such people do not penalize high IQ partners directly in their considerations. To help answer these questions, research by Gignac, Darbyshire, and Ooi asked participants to evaluate potential mates, at different IQ levels, for both sexual partners and long-term relationships. The team also created a questionnaire to measure the degree to which each participant found intelligence sexually attractive overall .