Today, we are a unique, blended family of the two of us and four sons — ages 26, 24, 4 and 2. We continue to navigate our way through differences in circumstances. Like the fact he lives 170 miles away and has children I am yet to meet. Things work, and when they don’t we talk about it. We split restaurant bills according to what we earn respectively.

Such incompatible relationship goals are not unique to age-gap relationships; however, certain age-related factors could play a part in goals. Avoid insecurities – He may have kids, or an ex, or female friends. They don’t mean you can’t be his everything eventually.

How to manage challenges

As partners age, the older partner may not be able to meet the energy levels of the younger partner, or may feel inadequate. “Typically, an age gap difference means one is in it for the love and relationship,” she says. Only a mental health professional can accurately determine if a younger woman’s attraction to older men has roots in unresolved childhood conflicts. When a person stays psychologically stuck in this stage of development, they may experience challenges in adult relationships. A large study of more than 12,000 participants in Finland found that most women prefer same-age or older male partners throughout life, while men, regardless of age, tend to prefer women in their 20s. Reported satisfaction in a relationship may start to see diminishing returns if the age gap between partners is larger than 10 years, suggests an 80-paper review from 2016.

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If he starts parading you around like food on a platter, that’s a red flag that he’s not into you because of who you are. You want a man you can learn from, regardless of his age. Just make sure he’s not taking on the role of your teacher without you wanting him to be. The last guy you dated took you to parties.

If in fact you are a pedantic person then you will have to excuse me if anything I have typed is misspelled or my punctuations are misplaced. Some people on here may not be less intelligent than you, maybe just less neurotic. At any rate, and no one will heed this, but I need to throw it out there, I think the best partnerships are between people who are the same age, meet young, and stay and grow together. There is a real beauty to relationships like that, even in this cynical, economically desperate time. Which, for some reason, was just as jarring. Why are you not fazed that your 35-year-old best friend started dating a 21-year-old?

When we met, we both knew that it was the start of something good, it was what every fairytale and sappy romantic movie promised. We met at a bar on the Gold Coast and were instantly drawn to each other. Some adult women are assumed to be looking for an older man to financially support a comfortable lifestyle within which to raise children. In other cases, women are alleged to have selected an older paramour to gain access to resources and connections in order to further their own career, business, or other aspirations. We don’t need a research study to explain to us why older men enjoy dating younger women.

People are usually coming from a place of love, but it can still be tough to hear that they’re concerned about your relationship. It might help to introduce your partner to your friends and family so they can see that he’s just a normal guy (even though he’s older). Thus the general pattern, that men are older—and only somewhat older—seems to stand, making age-gap relationships unusual.

The fact is, older men are much sought after by women. They’re already mature enough to realize that love and commitment have no place in their lives when they’ve been carrying around too much age for too long! You, on the other hand, are fresh out of your youth and just discovering yourself. Such a thing as too much of an age difference.

If you’re dating an older man in your 40s with 15 years of age gap, perhaps more, there is bound to be some baggage in his life. When you sign up for such a relationship, you have to be accepting of these extensions that are a part of his life. Doing so will give you a better insight into the ‘dating older men’ psychology and help you understand your partner’s actions better, as you’ll see where he is coming from on certain issues. Jayant says, “Very rarely would you find someone in your family and friends who will give you valid tips for dating an older man or share their thoughts objectively. They will come with their own agendas, projecting their own fears on you. The majority of the people around us tend to think in right and wrong, black and white.

More revealing of our gap is his ability to provide practical solutions to the problems I cannot solve. It’s helpful when somebody knows how to hang shelves without tearing down walls. But these offers of help often clash with my personal conflicts as a feminist desiring autonomy through self-taught skills, who also happens to lose interest two pages into an instructions manual.

The women I know who have dated younger men tend to love that these guys are more spontaneous and fun. I know women who were married for decades and rarely went out to eat with their husbands, let alone took a last-minute road trip. But then they started dating a younger man and they found themselves doing all sorts of things they never imagined doing. If you’re falling in love with an older man, don’t let his life’s baggage overwhelm or deter you from taking things forward. Yes, it can be intimidating to think that you may become a step-parent to his children, who may not be much older than you.

We spent three wonderful years together and it failed due to other issues. It will be hard when you get to be around 21 but if the relationship is solid then I believe it can be weathered. While that became my identifier, I’m a woman — anything we do becomes an identifier for a various amount of things. There were so many spontaneous, loving, and silly moments with him. There were so many problems as well — just like any relationship. This particular relationship pushed me to grow and learn to be more secure in myself, especially when it ended.